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Damian Senior

AcroYoga & Acrobatics alike have presented themselves to me as the most complete and interesting path for both mental and physical aspects of maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle. In parallel to AcroYoga I have also turned myself to techniques of natural healing and educated myself in diet and nutrition through the NLP Centre of Excellence. My desire to look after my body through alternative medicine becomes more abundant the more I practice Partner Acrobatics, Yoga and Calisthenics.

Combining knowledge from all disciplines I participate in gives me a wide range of flexibility in my approach to teaching. This flexibility is what makes my teaching style unique and non linear as i am always adapting to whatever feels right in the present moment, taking in new information, building upon it and throwing out the old. Bruce Lee once said : “Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle”.    

Class description

Acro Yoga Fundamentals- Explore Yoga Postures in a New Liberating Way
The focus of this workshop will be to give people a brief introduction to the fundamentals of
acroyoga, which are acrobatics, therapeutics and of course yoga. Acroyoga requires
confidence and trust in each individual, so in order to achieve this before taking flight we
include several trust building exercises into the warm up. Our number one concern throughout
the workshop is safety and it will not be compromised. Spotting techniques will be shown to everyone before taking flight, for each yoga posture we perform in the air. The group will get a
chance to experience all roles of Acroyoga, which in basing, flying and spotting. My objectives
during this workshop are to teach yogis new postures they have never experienced before,
ensure they stay safe throughout their flight, help break down any trust barriers, bring out
newfound confidence they didn’t realise they had and of course to have lots of fun :) I have
years of experience teaching beginner/fundamentals, as this is the entry level for all yogis that
wish to experience this new liberating way of flying. I have experience teaching children from
4yrs up to the elderly of around 65yrs old.

My Teachers Sessions

Tuesday, April 2