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Jordan Tyler

Yoga Out Loud
San Diego, CA

Jordan Tyler is a 300hr certified Hatha/Vinyasa yoga instructor, and has obtained over 1,000 hours of teaching experience since the start of her career in 2014.
With a passion for personality science, self-growth and development, and connecting our bodies to our brains, Jordan aims to have students feeling like they can take the mindfulness learned on their mats, right back off the mat with them once the practice closes. Using her trademark style of metaphorical cuing (she calls it “MATaphors”), emphasis on anatomical alignment, comedic relief/humor, and a deep call to action, students leave class with a better and more holistic understanding of themselves
Upon our mats, placed in a precarious and delicately balanced pose, we find ourselves challenged. It’s a familiar sensation -- our hearts race, our breath shortens, our thoughts turn to past failures, and the burning sensation of our willpower being used as kindling grows. We’ve experienced this headspace before off our mats, and in our daily lives.

Class description :

On our mats, in that very moment of challenge, we get to meet ourselves. We are allowed a peek into our rich inner worlds, and how it responds to the one around it.
Yoga is a safe space to place ourselves in sequences and shapes that will mimic real-life feelings and drive us to our regular thought patterns, and behavioral structures. Using our compassionate awareness, we can become the observer of these moments, and ask ourselves-- What is our self talk like? Can we and do we coach ourselves? Do we know our compassionate limits? Are we trying to think of anything BUT the pose so as to disassociate with the experience? After becoming the loving watcher, we can ask ourselves “Is this who I’d like to be off of my mat?”
If the answer is anything other than, “Yes.” Yoga gives us the power to do something about that too.

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Sunday, March 31