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Laetitia  hails from France. Her entire life she has worked on and with her body as she started dancing at age 3! She have trained and performed for over 16 years as a professional ballet dancer (Paris Opera Ballet) and then added ground and aerial acrobatics to her skills, which allowed her to perform and travel all over the world (84 countries) for the last 15 years as a freelance international circus artist.
During her performing years, she has used yoga to prepare and strengthen my body and mind.
Laetitia loved yoga so much that she decided to deepen her knowledge and became a yoga teacher! She finished her teacher training in Rishikesh India which focused mainly on Hatha and Ashtanga.
She is now a RYT500 and also specialise in teaching Aerial Yoga. She has taught  at various gyms, yoga studios, and retreats in Spain and Poland.  
She has also taught and share her knowledge with Pranayama workshops
She is also a certified personal fitness trainer.
During this retreat, Laetitia is ready to share with you all the skills that she has gathered about the balance of body and mind thru her life experience :)

Her motto: “You are what you eat” “You are what you think”

Class description :

Aerial Yoga in a swing

Explore a different type of yoga!  Don’t worry, Aerial yoga is accessible to eveybody!
It has so many benefits!
One of the main being the practice of inversion poses witout neck or spinal compression. If you are suffering from back pain, aerial yoga is perfect to realign your spine and re-create space between your vertebrae.
But not only it’s also a great technique to improve core strenght and flexibility.
The comfort of the swing helps you to built confidance and find balance in your poses as you can partially suport your body in it if needed.
Have you ever thought about meditating in the air? With swing you can!

During this class. Laetitia will take you thru all aspects and benefits of the aerial swing, exploring  heart opening poses, hip opening poses, core strenghtening, inversions, restorative poses and of course meditation!

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