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Morena Sri Sundari, from Genoa, is a 500 hrs Certified Yoga Teacher living between Italy, India and Australia and travelling wherever her heart takes her. Graduated in Translation Studies with English, Russian and Spanish, her spiritual journey started in 2007 in Argentina where she started practicing Hatha Yoga. She travelled and lived in many places in the world and got her 200h and 500h Akhanda Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India. Since then she has been teaching yoga and kirtan at studios and festivals (Bliss Beat Fest, Elysia Yoga Convention, Yoga Monterosa) in various countries around the world namely, Italy, India, Turkey, Greece, Thailand and Australia. She trained with Yogrishi Vishvketu at Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh, India, where she lived and taught for more than a year, assisting Vishvketu, accumulating many hours of continuing education and helping also with the organization of Akhanda Yoga Festival and the Charity Foundation Helping Hands for India. She also trained in Ayurveda in Kerala (India), Nada and Bhakti Yoga (Mantra, Raag and Kirtan), Yoga Nidra and Theta Healing (Italy). She has a very loving, nurturing, sweet, heart-centered energy. She loves teaching Kids Yoga and Prenatal, and also Yoga for Blind. She has also been teaching yoga to famous singers and actors. She spent a summer teaching yoga on Yachts and in Australia she made up the formula “Yoga in the kitchen”, combining Yoga & Ayurveda for people working in restaurants and standing long hours. She also gives Ayurvedic treatments and Marma Acupressure at her place in Italy. Her favorite form of Meditation is definitely chanting mantras and practicing devotional kirtan. For her, teaching yoga is a way of sharing love and helping people to find themselves and their lasting happiness, their bliss, Anand. Simplicity, love and lightness are the messages she likes to convey to the world through her yoga classes. Hari Om.

Class description :

Kirtan/Akhanda Yoga
Join me for Kirtan (Mantra chanting) and Akhanda Yoga.
Kirtan is music for the soul, it can lift you towards your higher Self and create magical emotional and physical transformation. Mantras are tools for the mind, Vedic in origin they came to us from the Indian Rishis. Different mantras have specific energetic effects on the chanters consciousness from warding off evil negativity and disease to creating abundance and success. Mantra chanting can take you to a place where you can truly live your life to the fullest brightest potential!
Akhanda Yoga is a contemporary Himalayan version of Hatha Yoga. Yogrishi Vishvketu, my Guru and founder of Akhanda Yoga, brings together the deep learning of yoga with the joy and grace of the pratice. Akhanda - like the word yoga itself - means integral, unified, infinite, indivisible. Within a class you can find different aspects of the theory and the practice of yoga. This approach integrates different teachings and techniques in order to give the students a full experience that they can bring home and into their lives.
Hari om!

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