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Karuna Dilibero

Sacred Sadhana
Newport, Rhode Island

My name is Karuna DiLibero and I have been teaching Yoga for the last 2 decades. I combine this passion with my others, which includes Ayurveda and Aromatherapy. Ever since I started living on my own at 19, I searched for new ways of living that would relieve me from my severe depression. Yoga found me when I was 24! Through my Yogic studies, and love for plants, organic gardening and natural remedies, I started to study Ayurveda, the sister science to Yoga.

Ayurveda is a harmonious approach to living life, in tune with all that is. It was a natural fit for me, because it combines educated lifestyle choices with spirituality and plant medicine. Ayurvedic treatments focus heavily on the use of spiritual practices, food, oils and herbs. As I studied herbal remedies, I learned that essential oils are up to 70% stronger than dried herbs!

That got me thinking, which led to research! I wanted to work with the highest quality medicinal essential oils I could find to use for myself, family and my clients. That's when I discovered the company doTERRA. Their commitment to medicinal grade, pure and potent eo's, the company ethos and mission, and their dedication to social and humanitarian work captured my attention. So I began my Aromatherapy studies and began my eo experiments. I am thrilled, and often still surprised, with the results time and time again.

I now travel internationally to share my passion for the subjects of Yoga + Ayurveda + Aromatherapy. It is my goal to educate and empower as any people as possible through natural healing. I work with a large, worldwide network of people, especially women, lifting them up and creating community through programs we call, "arōMa Yogis" + "Self Empowerment Through siSTARhood".

arōMa Yogis is a step by step program designed for practitioners to expand their capacity to provide Natural Health + Wellness to their students and clients while creating another stream of income.
Educate + Empower + Enliven
Serve Others ~ Manifest Abundance

"Self Empowerment Through siSTARhood" uses a similar business model to uplift and empower women. We are a web of women across the globe, united in our mission to heal ourselves, by working through our own limitations, with the support of our group. When we heal ourselves, we provide the example and platform for others to do the same. We have ZOOM meetings monthly to connect, become vulnerable, release and evolve both spiritually and financially.

Please visit my website to read more about me and my offerings.

I feel so blessed to be living my passions, travel the world and have the freedom I want to do so.

I honor all of my teachers who have shone the light for me on this glorious, transformational path!

May we all be blessed.
May we all LOVE.
May we all be the change we wish to see in the world.

Om Shanti

Lecture Description

Dinacharya The Sacred Art of Ritual
Self Love for Self Transformation

The habits we do repeatedly throughout our day either contribute or retract from our optimal health + well being. Dinacharya is the Ayurvedic practice of daily rituals that invite the sacred into our lives on every level, in each moment. 

In this discussion learn various practices that you can easily integrate into your daily routine to enhance a deeper connection to the Divine by developing a more intimate connect with yourSelf.