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Becca Thorne is a passionate, 700-hour certified yoga teacher in vinyasa, transformational Hatha, restorative, yin & yang, pre & post-natal, and therapeutic yoga. She’s a writer, speaker, international holistic health and dream life coach, and leads yoga and healing retreats. Her path led her into this work due to her her her decade long battle with depression and her own experience with trauma at fourteen, which was also the age she was first introduced to the yoga practice. 

Founder of Thorne Wellness, Becca works with women from all around the world, supporting and empowering them on their journeys to living their most authentic lives in bodies that they love, respect and cherish. From Los Angeles, California but a local to Athens, Greece since 2015, Becca’s favorite part of the job is connecting with you. 

CLASS TITLE: “Yoga for Healing Depression”
This yoga class is designed to support you if you’re faced with depression or the blues. You will experience yoga in all it’s 8 limbs as well as a holistic approach for your personal healing. This class combines aspects from different types of yoga and holistic practices such as yin and restorative asanas, hatha and vinyasa yoga, many different pranayama, mudras, mantras, meditation and essential oils. The goal is to give you simple but powerful tools that you can take home and use in your day-to-day life or at times of desperate need. 

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