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Eileen Wallace

I am a public health nutritionist with a passion for living a healthy lifestyle. I havecompleted my 200hr yoga alliance teacher training followed by Ashtanga teachertraining with David Swenson. I am also trainied in antigravity aerial yoga. I own abeautiful yoga studio in Shrewsbury with more than 20 classes per week, and also runyoga retreats in Spain, Greece and the UK. I practice yoga because it makes me happyand this is exactly what I aim for each of my students to achieve in their classes !

Class description :

Turn Your World Upside Down – Introduction to Headstands
This fun and relaxed headstand workshop is designed for students new to inversions. Eileen teaches with a smile and seeks to instil confidence and lightness in a safe and comfortable environment. We’ll have a sweet yoga flow to warm up, followed by a series of creative techniques to help you find your way upside down. You will free yourself from the fear of being upside down and gain all the benefits of inverting the body!